How to Get Out of a
Rut Using Spiritual Tools

Arjuna D. Ghose

Hi, I'm Arjuna D. Ghose, the author of Five Secrets from Holy Books to Help You Out of a Rut. Just like you, I once felt like my life fell apart—more than once. I've gone through severe humiliation, depression and ruts, having suffered from my share of alcohol and drug addiction. I've struggled with parental alienation for most of my now adult daughter's life; all of my efforts to maintain a relationship with her have seemed to go nowhere.

Some of the things I went through weren't common, but I know you will ‌relate to my story because we all go through challenges in our lives. I am a direct disciple of Sri Chinmoy and have been practicing spirituality for almost three decades. My faith has helped me out of the worst situations, including the muddy waters of ignorance. I stay strong despite so much adversity and want to share how I’ve done this with you through my ebook.

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Stuck in a rut? This book will teach you how to get out of it.

Sometimes it feels like this world has gone crazy. Maybe you are struggling with relationship problems, perhaps with God or a loved one.

Or, you haven’t acknowledged the role you’ve played in causing your problems.

If you blame others—or God—for the unfair blows you deal with, or you think you won’t get out of a rut because things are hopeless, my latest book is for you.

Conquer spiritual demons

Learn how I used spiritual books to receive inspiration to fight against the negative forces I battled within to become a completely different person.

Gain new perspective

Your emotions may convince you that something negative has happened, but learn to use your creative power to change the way you look at anything in your life.

Believe in yourself

Disarm your inner critic using encouraging affirmations to teach your subconscious new ways of seeing things.

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My ebook shares the lessons that helped me when I was stuck in a rut and presents five powerful messages from holy books to help you get your shit together and bring you to a new level of success and well-being.

What you’ll learn from Five Secrets from Holy Books

In the battlefield of life, there is a joy that comes only from persevering and doing what is right for yourself, even in the midst of anguish.

Five Secrets from Holy Books contains five powerful lessons from Holy Books I’ve learned along the way that helped me when I was stuck in a rut. They continue to guide my life and provide glimpses into what my story is about.

Consider this book your pocketbook of inspiration, a muse, or an aspirational guide to help you achieve what you want in life and create the positive feelings in you that you may have thought were gone.

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In this ebook, I share with you the tools that helped me. I hope that this book’s five lessons will add to your spiritual arsenal to battle against your challenges and tribulations. I know and believe in my soul that it can help you get your shit together so you can ‌get out of a rut that’s seemingly hopeless.