How to Become Sri Chinmoy’s Disciple

Sri Chinmoy (1931 – 2007)

Sri Chinmoy is a spiritual Master of the highest order from East Bengal (now Bangladesh) who moved to New York City in 1964 to share his inner wealth with sincere seekers in the West. He left the body in 2007 and has moved on to the higher regions. Sri Chinmoy has over 7,000 disciples around the world and meditation centres in over 60 countries. The key to being his disciple, to receive help from him, is to have faith in him.

In order to be initiated as a disciple, you have to accept him wholeheartedly. Sri Chinmoy says:

“Those who are close to me have felt the actual flowering of their initiation the moment they have wholeheartedly dedicated to the Supreme in me their entire life—body, vital, mind, heart, and soul.”


To aid in inspiration, your aspiration, and your wholehearted dedication to the Supreme in Sri Chinmoy it would be helpful to become a member of the Sri Chinmoy Centre: (Contact your city or country through the links at the top of the website.) They offer free meditation classes in various cities and towns around the world. You can contact them to find out if they are offering any classes near you. But even just to have some faith in Sri Chinmoy, you will be able to receive some help from him.

There is no fee for membership in the Sri Chinmoy Centre. However, some disciples make a monthly love offering of an amount of cash of their choosing to help the centre leader(s) pay for the rent for the meditation space or room where the weekly group meditations are held. Some other expenses sometimes need to be paid for such as prasad, which means ‘blessed food’.

Sri Chinmoy says the real Master is God. He has stated:

“The real Teacher, the real Guru, is God Himself.”


And he goes on to say:

“Why have my disciples come to me? It is because their real Master, the Supreme, is inside me. The Supreme is also inside them, but in them, He is still sleeping, whereas in me He is fully awake.”


Blue crayon bird drawing by Sri Chinmoy

Blue crayon bird drawing by Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy will help you in such a way that it will result in a flowering of your love and devotion towards him and your acceptance of him. Sri Chinmoy says:

“A real spiritual Master tries to bring to the fore the inner divinity of the disciple from deep within the disciple’s heart. He knocks at the disciple’s heart-door and awakens the divine child in him, which we call the soul. He tells the soul, “You will look after the other members of the family—the physical, the mind, and the vital—and take care of them. The are making mistakes constantly. Now give them new life, new meaning, new purpose.

The most important thing a spiritual Master does for his spiritual children is to make them consciously aware of something vast and infinite within themselves, which is nothing other than God Himself.”


When Sri Chinmoy initiates you as a disciple, he accepts you unreservedly and unconditionally. Even if you give up on him for whatever reason, he will continue to help you in the inner world forever. It is an eternal relationship. But first, you have to be a real disciple by accepting him wholeheartedly.

The following question and answer is good to read for those who are just starting out on Sri Chinmoy’s path:

Question: Can you give me some advice as to how to best continue meditating if I can’t come back frequently to this Centre?

Sri Chinmoy: You have come for the first time, and have meditated here for a few minutes. If you feel that you can follow our path — the path of love, devotion and surrender — then I advise you to take home some of my writings, especially Food for the Soul and My Lord’s Secrets Revealed. If you read them, you will have an idea of my path. If you have spiritual friends in your university, then try to invite them to your house, preferably once a week, to meditate with you. Or if it is not possible to hold meditations at your house, then you can go to your dearest friend’s house and meditate there. If you have meditated a little, then you are not a beginner. If it is possible, meditate early in the morning by looking at my Transcendental picture. Ten minutes is more than enough. And in the evening, if you can, also meditate for ten minutes. Only look at the picture and try to identify yourself with my highest Transcendental Consciousness. Those who are my students and disciples do this kind of meditation. In your case, if you try for one week only to concentrate and meditate on the picture, you will get inner messages as to what to do and what not to do.

If you can come here from time to time, it will be most important and helpful in your spiritual life. Or you can do something else. Here there are quite a few disciples. If you can just make an immediate friendship with some of them, they will be able to keep in touch with you and you will be in touch with them. They will tell you about our activities. Every week there is something new happening. In this way you will have a family feeling in your spiritual life. Each aspirant must have a family feeling. As you have your human family with a father, mother, sister and brother; so also in the spiritual life there must be a spiritual family. Then we can grow together. So, if you can make friends with some of the disciples here, you will get additional inspiration from your friends. What you need right now is inspiration, so that every day you will stick to your meditation. You will get inspiration from having some friends who are on this path and who come to meditate with me regularly and devotedly. What is most important is to meditate on my picture, without having any thoughts. Please try to establish your oneness with my Transcendental Consciousness. Try to look at the picture and try to listen to the messages it will give you. In this way you will make very fast and satisfactory progress.

I am telling you all this, assuming that you want to follow our path. If you want to follow some other path, then it is not at all necessary for you to meditate on my picture. But if you want inspiration, then I wish to tell you that my disciples will be able to help you. They can inspire others in spite of their having a different path. If you want to follow our path, please meditate on my picture and read my writings; and if you are not sure that this is your path, then what you need right now is constant inspiration. In that case, the disciples here can be of real help to you.