The primary purpose of The Struggle Within multi-volume memoir is one of activism. It is almost entirely a diary.

The point of it is to challenge specious arguments and limiting beliefs.

Specious (adj): superficially plausible but actually wrong.

If one had a drug addiction, should he have had his child taken away from him?

Not necessarily.

But it’s superficially plausible.

Not only that, but because of my spiritual beliefs, psychiatrists have labeled me mentally ill. This is the role psychiatrists play in parental alienation.

People only think they recognize something they are familiar with or what is superficially plausible.

That is why I have been falsely accused of being gay, on drugs when I wasn’t, or schizophrenic.

Actually, I am a spiritual monk.

Most people aren’t familiar with a spiritual monk blending within society.

I have struggled within because I have been punished spiritually and reacted negatively.

Very few people are familiar with something like that.

I’ve also had a social anxiety disorder. Most of the population does not.

People with social anxiety are often misunderstood.

That’s why a police officer falsely accused me of being on drugs when I called for help.

People think they see only what they are familiar with and come to conclusions based on what’s superficially plausible.

That’s why clever marketing hype from the pharmaceutical companies, on which a psychiatrist’s opinion is largely based, has worked.

And that’s why one evening when I was having a spiritual experience, intoxicated by God’s Spirit, I was attacked by the police and accused of breaking into a house or trying to break into a car and being on drugs, all of which were untrue.

It was then that psychiatrists labeled me schizophrenic, feeding into my daughter’s mother’s unjust motives of wanting me to appear mentally ill so that she may defeat me in court.

A spiritual monk with social anxiety issues who fell from his faith and had drug or alcohol issues? Who would guess? So, false accusations it is.

That’s the way the world is. People believe specious arguments. The most concerning are people on the front lines of suffering and disputes, like family court judges, psychiatrists, and police officers.

Don’t believe specious arguments. Set aside your predispositions and aspire to gain more evidence with an open mind.

“Ad Hominem is directed against a person rather than the position they are maintaining.”

A Psychiatric Diagnosis/Label may serve as an Ad Hominem mechanism.

An opinion, claim of abuse, political or religious position, or personal argument, may be fallaciously refuted by invalidating the speaker.

By denigrating someone by means of a psychiatric diagnosis, anything the recipient now says loses its credibility.

A psychiatric diagnosis invalidates its recipient, literally an ‘invalid’, and his credibility evaporates.

Meaning and Value of thoughts, speech, and actions, are invalidated by the Ad Hominem process of a psychiatric label!

The Ad Hominem process may intentionally be applied for strategic reasons. This is dishonest immoral speech.