I developed a passion for writing when I was seven years old. I wrote stories and drew the pictures to go along with them. Sometimes I wrote purely from my imagination. Other times I copied Indiana Jones movies. My teacher thought I’d become a successful author someday. However, I forgot that aspiration as my parents got me involved in other interests. At seventeen, I wanted to be a great musical artist. Later, I developed a strong interest in acting. I then pursued a career in graphic design, as well as web development and computer programming. I am currently a spiritual graphic designer and web designer. The most important thing, though, happened when I was eighteen, I became Sri Chinmoy’s ardent disciple as part of my lifelong journey to find peace and true happiness through self-improvement and meditation. Finally, several decades after my seventh birthday, I renewed my interest in writing and have been working on my multi-volume memoir, The Struggle Within, for the past nine years.

I started writing my story in journal format through private Facebook messages to my friend, Tammy. That’s when I began feeling inspired to write. I don’t consider myself a saint, but I do think I have received help from Above. It is this help that has inspired me to begin writing and continue writing my story. I mostly try not to teach anything in my stories; I just simply tell the complete truth about what is happening and what has happened. In my story, I am the student. It is my intent that God does the Teaching through the twists and turns and ups and downs of my epic-sized tale.

~ Arjuna D. Ghose, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada