Autobiography of a Spiritual Awakening Guide

Spiritual Memoir
If you’re struggling with limiting beliefs, social anxiety, alcoholism or drug addiction, anger and resentment, emotional abuse, effects of parental alienation, or any other physical, mental, emotional or spiritual ailments, I hear you and see you.

I’ve been there.

When I was 22, I lost everything. I’ve gone through my share of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual hardships, and I know what it’s like to experience a dark night of the soul.

I wrote my first spiritual guidance book, The Struggle Within: The Wind’s Divine Melody, so that you don’t have to experience the pain I went through. The purpose of this memoir is to illumine specious arguments and limiting beliefs.

(specious = superficially plausible, but actually wrong)

If you’ve been a victim of abuse, are going through drug or alcohol addiction, or have gone through a lot of conflict in your life, please consider reading my book. The Struggle Within shares how you can receive guidance, inspiration, and support, learn to meditate or connect with God to help you heal, or get a more in-depth understanding of spiritual awakening.

Today, my mission is to help and inspire others to improve themselves and their lives.

I became an avid practitioner of meditation and am a self-improvement coach who helps others arrive at their spiritual awakening. I also blog on various self-improvement topics: spirituality, emotional abuse, fight the stigma, and spiritual memoirs.

But it wasn’t always like this.

My spiritual memoir, The Struggle Within, is the story of the decisions I made in my life that led to overwhelming stress, and how I used revenge to soothe the emotional pain I was feeling, which just made me inflict more pain on myself.

This spiritual awakening book outlines my spiritual journey and includes tips on personal development based on my experiences (including many examples of what not to do!). Even when I wasn’t meditating “properly” or didn’t enjoy it, I did it to do the right thing for myself, despite all of my challenges. That’s when things really started to turn around.

You’ll learn my unique approach to life and how meditation and being passionate about something can help you evolve beyond your weaknesses no matter what you’ve experienced, and even when it seems like there’s little consolation from God.

Like the leaves of a blooming lotus flower, I know that you too can awaken to the best possible outcome for your life and experience the glorious expansion of your soul.

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Your spiritual awakening guide,
Arjuna D. Ghose

The Struggle Within: The Wind’s Divine Melody

Illumining specious arguments and limiting beliefs

A story about overcoming:
  • social anxiety
  • alcoholism and drug addiction
  • the dark night of the soul (spiritual dryness)
  • the experience of losing everything
  • anger and resentment
  • the effects of emotional abuse
  • likes and dislikes
A story about karma:
  • specious accusations
  • spiritual punishment
  • parental alienation

“Deep writing, very profound… Not a manuscript to read lightly, this could have seriously profound effects on the reader’s life. What a privilege to have studied as this man has.”
~ Louise-Jayne Haddaway